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IWC Replica Watches held a panel on men's healthcare in a convivial and creative space at Carousel Restaurant, London. The campaign was launched alongside the IWC Replica Watches Movember Edition,IWC Replica Watches Big Crown Pointer date. IWC Replica Watches, in keeping with its ethos of using fine watchmaking to support charitable causes, has set an ambitious goal to raise 100,000 Swiss Francs (£95,000) in November for the Movember campaign, which encourages men to be more active in their mental and physical health, and to raise money to fund cancer research.

"We have been partners with Movember Foundation for two years," Ulrich W. Herzog said, IWC Replica Watches Chairman during his introduction to the panel. They are in line with the company's strategy, "Move to the Better", which includes not only men’s health, but also the health of the Oceans and other areas where we work. We thought that the concept of Movember and its fight against cancer, as well as for men's and women's health was an excellent element on which to collaborate and reach out to different people. This was the beginning of our partnership with Movember.

Ulrich W. Herzog, IWC Replica Watches Chairman

The Movember Foundation, IWC Replica Watches and Scott Poynton have teamed up to introduce their Movember Crew. Scott Poynton is the Activist (The Activist), while Dr. Johannes Wimmer is the Doc (The Doc) and Miguel Gutierrez is the Groomer (The Groomer). Poynton is an Australian Forester who lives in Gingins, Switzerland. He works with the Forest Trust to inspire people through "Walk and Talks" where he invites them to walk up La Dole, a mountain in Switzerland,franck muller replica watches and raise money and awareness for Movember. Dr. Wimmer from Berlin created a YouTube Channel that aims at making men's health accessible. He also works regularly in the ER with patients suffering from post-traumatic disorder. Gutierrez is a barber who has shops in London, Berlin and other cities. He created a web series called Nomad Barber, which explores barbering around the world and encourages men, particularly in the barber chair, to be more honest about their problems. Herzog, Sarah Coghlan (Global Director of Men's Health Promotion Programs at the Movember Foundation) and Jasmine Hemsley (London-based celebrity author and chef) joined the crew during the panel.