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Consumption and our need to consume have not only improved the lives we lead, but also clogged up the planet with garbage that will return and leave us scarred in the worst ways. Even the oceans, with all their beauty and majesty,Replica IWC Pilot are bursting at the seams with trash. Greenpeace reports that plastic waste is dumped into the ocean at a rate equal to one truckload per minute. This amounts to 12.7 million tonne of plastic waste.

Caroline Power, Trash on the Ocean Surface

Plastic is the wonder material that can be used for everything, from choking turtles and fish to killing seagulls and turtles. It's cheap, nasty, and it will kill the planet if we allow it. We have no other option but to improve waste management, recycling and disposal. We may be able to use trawlers to go up to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating island in the middle the ocean of trash that is larger than Texas. Read more in our interview here with adventurer Mike Horn.

Replica IWC Pilot has made a great effort to get there. Replica IWC Pilot, like many other watchmaking companies that champion ocean conservation and promote their message with limited edition pieces within its collections,Rolex Day Date Replica is doing the same. It is even going a step further by using recycled plastic for its Ocean Trilogy Limited Edition Collection.

Replica IWC Pilot Ocean Trilogy Box Set

The first two watches of the Replica IWC Pilot Aquis Diver's Watch Trilogy were unveiled at Baselworld in Basel earlier this year. They are the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and the Clean Ocean Limited Edition. The first two watches were released in limited editions each of 2,000 pieces. They were produced in collaboration with Reef Restoration Foundation, which has been involved in reef planting programs.