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About us

T&P e-Academy is an online learning academy for professional development.
We provide Customer - centric quality education for personal and professional development which gives every learner the flexibility to determine what, where, and when to learn with significant time and cost savings.

We support our clients to achieve career advancement and we try to create a culture of professionalism and lifelong learning.

T&P e-Academy is part of T&P Consulting, a management consulting company that operates successfully  for over 25 years

Why we are doing it?

Because we believe in empowering workers through education.
Because we believe people from different background have the right to pursue their dreams.
And because we believe that the future of the organizations isn’t a product or service. It is people.

How we are doing it?

We see that technology has started to transform the classroom, so we are doing it too.
By offering a growing catalogue of e-learning offerings, web-based professional certification courses we enable you, and your organization to improve your professional knowledge, competences and skills, and become more competitive on the market. Our customer focused approach enables us to understand our customer needs better and accordingly provide education that best suits the needs for growth and professional development.


To be able to provide a wide range of e–learning courses for our clients, T&P e-Academy partners with different training and certification bodies that are already established and recognized as leaders in the e-learning industry.

Our partner VMedu is a leader in the professional training and certification industry. It serves as a marketplace that brings together content experts from around the world and uses its state-of-the-art content creation expertise to create the best quality online courses. Up till today VMedu has facilitated in training of more than 400,000 students from more than 3500 corporations across the globe achieving 98.7% success rate through its global network of more than 100+ training providers.

Contact us

Phone: +389 23123601
Email: info@tp-eAcademy.mk

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Certification validity

We can confirm you the validity of the certificate we award to the students. Feel free to send us a request for validation of the certificate.

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